Luxury is an international phenomenon. However, implications derived from research distinctively differentiates markets in terms of both, regions and products. Hence the Center for Luxury Research combines the expertise of internationally well-respected researchers, making it a unique platform to provide international engaged marketeers with the best and most up to date knowledge on luxury marketing.

Direction of Center for Luxury Research

Univ.-Prof. Dr. Oliver P. Heil (Ph.D.)

Founder and Co-Director, Center for Luxury Research

Chaired Professor of Business Administration & Marketing, Johannes Gutenberg University of Mainz

Bio Sketch of Prof. Oliver P. Heil (Ph.D.)

Prof. Dr. Michael Grund

Co-Director, Center for Luxury Research

Head of Center for Marketing, HWZ Zurich

Prof. Dr. Patrick Poon (Ph.D.)

Associate Dean (Business Studies)

Lingnan University, Hong Kong


Fellow Researchers

  • Prof. Dr. Lisa Wan, Hong Kong (Luxury Index & Luxury Around the World)
  • Dr. Barbara Mohebbi, New York (Luxury Peculiarities on America's East Coast
  • Marianne Limacher, Switzerland (Development of Swiss Luxury Products
  • Manuel Müller, Mainz/Frankfurt (Luxury Brand Perception)
  • Philipp Ripkens, Mainz/Frankfurt (Difficulty in Luxury Consumption)
  • Johannes Winter, Stuttgart (Luxury and Macroeconomic Forces)


Researchers at the GSME Chair of Marketing

  • Dipl. Soz. Najla Schroeter (Neuroscience, Market Research)
  • M.A. Houssam Jedidi (Cultural Aspects of Luxury, Disruptive Technologies)
  • Dipl. Hdl. Philipp J. Reis (Pricing, Aviation Industry)